Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I do if I can't find a plate size for my trophy or job?

Find a plate size that is larger than the plate you want and then reduce the size to suit. You can reduce the size but not increase it over the plate size given.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a method of imprinting a plate. A copy of the text or picture is printed in reverse on paper, placed on the metal and the colours are infused into the top coating on the plate. This allows for vivid colours to be reproduced on plates.

What are Laser Plates?

Laser plates are 2 layer plastic composite plates whereby the top layer is burned away to reveal the underlying colour. These plates are generally an inexpensive good looking plate that has good indoor durability.

How long will my order take?

Because you do the engraving setup plates can usually be dispatched the following business day.

Can I do one plate and add a list of names or variables?

Yes that’s easy, just design your plate, click on the variable plate option where you want to change the data and paste the list of names in – one line per name only.

Why do I have to pay a processing fee?

In order to make the ordering as easy and as cost effective as possible a service charge has been added. This covers the processing of your order and the postage. To cut down on this cost get together with a friend and order as many plates as possible that will reduce your average cost.

If I want more of the same plates later will I have to design them again?

Our easy ordering system allows you to take your last order and change the details, therefore stopping the need to redesign plates or badges every time.

I want to design my own plates however my current supplier does not have this option what can I do?

That’s easy, talk to your current supplier and get a price for your trophies without engraving, then just order through us and we can do it for you. Alternatively ask your trophy supplier and they will be able to order the plates through us.